Willow Brook_Golf Club Logo.png

The Client

Willow Brook Farms has a long history in the valley. They have a town named after them, streets, factories, and more.

The family owns a golf course and horse farm, among other things. They’re rebuilding the family property into something special: a small town. With a golf course and a horse farm, sure. But also homes, apartments, shops, activities, and more. And while they do all that, they need someone to market it.

The Work

First, we rebuilt websites for their main businesses (the horse farm and golf course). Next, we built new logos and branding materials for each business, while ensuring they will work with the eventual branding of the town they’re going to become.

Then we created signage, weighed in on interior design, helped with the clubhouse’s new menu, branded and marketed a rodeo, and more. We’re looking forward to marketing an entire town.

Let’s build something new together.