Infographics Design with Matthew Twombly

Course description:

As a graphic designer or marketing professional, it is fundamentally important to grasp the structure that makes up a great infographic design. Infographics are seen nearly everywhere, from social media and new sites, to blogs and printed publications. We invite practicing design professionals to partake in a one-day intensive workshop that will explore the creation of infographics storytelling and editorial.

Freelance designer and illustrator, and former graphic editor at National Geographic, Matthew Twombly will share his 10+ years experience designing for magazines and show you his methods for making graphics. He'll take you through Adobe Illustrator and show you what tools and tips go into his process, including workflows for analyzing, story boarding, and producing visual stories.

Through several case studies, attendees will learn the steps of making graphics, handling data, and will explore various forms and design considerations. Learn how and why infographics are effective by using the elements of color, text, grid structure, hierarchy, and a well-edited message. Exercise your creative thinking and design skills with essential infographic design principles, techniques, and the varied ways of using visual language.

The class will then be prompted to brainstorm, sketch, and design their own graphics using Adobe Illustrator as the main tool. Data and prompt will be provided, however, students are welcomed to supply their own. Group critique will wrap up the day.

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