Glemser_Logo_Color_Without Technologies.png

The Client

Glemser was a bit of a special case. They knew they needed help with marketing, and they knew what they do (pharma services, but it’s way more complicated than that), but they weren’t sure how to tell other people what they do.

We came in and had some meetings. Then we had some more meetings. Then, once we had a solid concept of what they do, and could express it in a simple sentence, we started building their marketing strategy. Taking the time to understand what a company does is vitally important to us, as without that understanding, we won’t be able to do an effective job.

The Work

We built a sales presentation for them, then a matching sales site. Next, we built a new brand for them with all new standards. We had discovered that Glemser Technologies wasn’t the most descriptive term for them anymore. We built a new logo, business cards, Powerpoint templates, and more. Now we’re exploring marketing campaigns to make their prospective clients take notice.

Let’s figure out how to explain what you do.