Gauchito with Plancha.jpg

The Client

Gaucho Grills is a Argentine grill manufacturer located in Warrington. They make a beautiful, hand built, made-in-America product, but their website was pretty rough. It didn't match up to the quality of their grills, plus it was expensive, difficult to maintain, and they couldn't work on it themselves. 

So we built them a new one. In the process, we re-built their logo, took new photography of all their products, started a YouTube cooking series featuring a very talented chef, built new business cards, and introduced them to some modern marketing tools. Now we’re consulting on social media, running Facebook Ad campaigns, and reaching out to journalists.

But this isn't just random shots in the dark. It all follows the marketing strategy and media plan that we laid out. That way, we know what we're doing before we have to do it, and we're not frantically building and creating things as we go. 

So let's talk, get you a plan for the next year, and maybe even a youtube show. 


The Gaucho Grills Show

Working with Chef Juli Hernandez-Roberts, we've created bi-monthly (every other week, not every other month) cooking show on YouTube centered around the Gaucho Grill, and everything you can do with it. So far we've made an entire Thanksgiving dinner, roasted lobster, and even bread. Next up? Probably a big steak.  

Let’s create some content together.