BRANDING - Gaucho Grills

With Gaucho Grills, you are the grill master. From meats and seafood to veggies and appetizers, the wood-fired embers can cook up all of your favorite food. With their new website, you can buy a new grill with a variety of different types of wood-fired grills and accessories. We stand with their mission statement:

We believe that cooking with your grill should be more than just preparing a meal; it should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish, for all those passionate about their food, how it’s prepared, and who they share it with.

A specialty of Argentine cuisine is beef, and the word “gaucho” refers to the legendary cattle wrangling figures and skilled horsemen during the 19th century. These men would regularly cook their meals on grills known as parrillas, which are heated with wood or coals as opposed to the typical propane grill. This tradition, known as asado, would become a mainstay for Argentinian homes, and acted as more of a big Sunday dinner where family and friends would gather and enjoy a variety of slow-cooked meats. So these grills are made for big parties with family and friends!


To help with their marketing efforts, we took new pictures of all their products, started a YouTube cooking series featuring a professional chef, built new business cards, and help consult their social media, including running Facebook Ad campaigns and staying up-to-date on their Instagram page. Since working with them for the past two years, their sales have increased 50% year over year. We’re continuing to work with them on content creation, graphic design, and marketing. Overall, we’re happy to see a great product getting the recognition they deserve!