WEB DESIGN + BRANDING - Peregrine Surgical

Peregrine Surgical is a biotech and medical company, manufacturing ophthalmic instruments (aka eye surgery equipment) to some of the largest surgical supply companies in the world. Since 1991, Peregrine Surgical has manufactured many effective products with the highest standard of quality and reliability, such as laser probes, membrane scrapers, and reusable (and affordable) forceps. Overall, they’re a pretty cool company.


However, they had no marketing team, so they hired us. We started with building them a new website that has their products, case studies, packaging information, videos, and an industry digest newsletter under the eye of their regulatory commissioner. We rebuilt their brand by modernizing their logo, and creating interior and exterior signage. Business cards are also a plus, and we made standard templates, letterhead, and shipping labels for them as well.

Over the past year, we’ve assisted Peregrine Surgical with the SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) presentation. Going for a more old-fashioned route, we created a series of presentation boards as well as an 80x scale model of the most important part of their new tool. The attendees there seemed to love it!

It was the best product explanation I have ever seen
— true quote from a real scientist

After this, their new product received approval from the FDA to begin marketing to the medical world. We’ve been continuing to work with Peregrine Surgical, building case studies and marketing them as tool developers, not just manufacturers. We’re honored to work with such a great and reputable company, and we’re looking forward to see where they go.