Peregrine Surgical manufactures ophthalmic instruments (that's instruments for eye surgery to you and me.)

They didn't have a marketing team, so they hired us. We built them a new website, started an outreach program for new surgical fellows, and created an industry digest newsletter. All under the watchful eye of their regulatory commissioner.

We've also helped them rebuild their branding, modernizing their logo, creating interior and exterior signage, as well as standard templates for business cards, letterhead, and shipping labels. 

Our latest project with Peregrine Surgical was a SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) presentation. They wanted to go a more old-fashioned route, so we created a series of presentation posters for them, as well as a 80x scale model of the most important part of their new tool. 

It was described by one of the scientists as "it was the best product explanation (I have) ever seen"

it was the best product explanation (I have) ever seen
— Scientist

As a result, Peregrine Surgical's new product is moving forward to animal trials and FDA approval. We continue to work with Peregrine Surgical, building case studies and marketing them as tool developers, not just manufacturers. Lets do the same for you.