Janine Boland had a vision. She was a master fitness trainer (that means she trains trainers), worked with Equinox, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Reebok, and was at the top of her game. 

But she wanted something better. 

Janine came to us with a vision, and a name. She wanted to start a online fitness class, and name it JBird Fitness (her longtime nickname). 

We built a website, created a members only area, found a secure  with s with subscription, found a secure video host, produced, shot and edited all the videos (8 a month, plus promos), taught her about social media, how to form an LLC, and why staying on brand in social media is important. 

We continue to produce all of JBird Fitness's video content, keep their website up to date, and manage their MailChimp newsletters. We can do the same for you.