The Client

The AEDC is a wonderful company (they helped with the PPL Center, Three City Center, the American On Wheels museum, and more). But, it had been awhile since they looked at marketing (think 20 years).

The Allentown Economic Development Corporation is an incredible company that we’re proud to continue to work with. We’re creating annual reports, activities and events, and other marketing efforts to help them spread awareness of what they do. At the same time, we’re helping them make a difference in the city we live and work in.

The Work

We refreshed the AEDC’s logo, created new brand standards, built new signage, worked with them to figure out and refine their message, and more.

A large part of our work with them has been helping their team get a firm grasp on how to communicate what they do to the public. This resulted in 3 new sub brands, more physical marketing materials, and a refined mission statement.

We want to help you explain what you do.