We're a boutique advertising and marketing agency.

Who we are

Stay Calm Industries is a boutique creative agency.

But what does that mean?

It means we're a small, flexible team of creative people that specialize in marketing and advertising, but on a broader scale, we can do almost anything creative. We have a creative director (that's Evan), and a bunch of freelancers. That means we can build the perfect team for you, finding exactly the talent we need to complete your project, while keeping costs down. We specialize in creative things. Graphic design, branding, photography, video production, or anything else you can imagine. In our free time, we built a podcast network.

But we also do the boring stuff. Need a competitive analysis? Want to try out Google Adwords? Still don't know what SEO is? We can do all of that, too. 

We'd love to chat, no matter what your need. Let's talk.

How It Works

The Process

Step 1
First, we talk. Send us an email at evan@staycalmindustries.com and tell us what you're working on. We love email, and we'll get back to you surprisingly fast. Really, you'll be amazed. We'll have a conversation about your idea, project, or company, and we'll decide if we want to work together. We'll talk about what makes your thing so awesome.

Step 2
From that conversation, we'll come up with two things: a Work Summary (what the project is, when it's due, how much it'll cost) and a Brief (who is this targeting, what's it about, what's the creative idea). We'll come up with how to show other people how awesome your thing is. Once we agree on these two pieces of paper, we'll get to work. 

Step 3
This is the part where we create stuff. It could be a website, a podcast, a video, a photoshoot, or almost anything else you can imagine. There'll be status updates, emails, and reviews. You can be as involved, or hands off, as you'd like. We usually take a deposit by this time, so we're not out of pocket for the production. 

Step 4
The thing that shows other people how awesome your thing is, is done! By this point we'll have worked hard, created the thing, and delivered it in the agreed upon way (website goes live, video gets posted, podcast is...casted.) Whooo!

Other Questions

Q. How much does all of this cost? 
A. Well, we're not cheap, but we're definitely not the most expensive. Foursquare would probably list us at $$. Cost all depends on the time, resources, and skills needed. If we need to bring in freelancers, on-air talent, models, food stylists, animal trainers, or extra fancy web developers, the cost will be different than if it's our regular crew.

Sometimes we ask for a small amount when we're writing your brief. This is called the "creative engagement", and it means we're not creating ideas for you on "spec", or for free. Don't worry, when we continue to the project phase, this amount gets absorbed into the full cost. 

Q. What if we want to do more than one project? 
A. That also depends. (Seeing a pattern?) If you want two videos a month for the rest of eternity, it probably makes sense to be on a retainer. That way you know what you're paying every month, and we know what we're making every month. If you just want to come to us whenever you have a new project idea, great! we can do that too. Just let us know with enough lead time to create our creative stuff. 

Q. So you do all of this?
A. That's right! We act as the creative agency, and the production agency. Sometimes, you have to pay a lot of money to one company for them to tell you "You should do a video that's like this", then pay more money to another company for them to actually make it. We do both parts ourselves, which saves you time, money, and headaches. By operating as a creative shop, we’re able to work with a larger number of clients doing awesome things, and that's good, because there are a lot of you out there and we love to work with you.